Budget-Friendly Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Home in San Diego, California

A Custom Wine Cellar Built by a Professional Increases a Home's Resale Value

A Custom Wine Cellar Built by a Professional Increases a Home’s Resale Value

If you are hesitant to build a wine cellar in your home because you do not have the right budget, worry no more! At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, they offer wine storage solutions that fit their client’s budget. In San Diego, California, the owner of a large home had a renovation project. She decided to transform a part of her basement into a climate-controlled custom wine cellar.  

Building a Stylish Wine Storage Room in a Basement without Going Beyond the Budget  

Before designing a wine cellar, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars always makes sure that they make a careful assessment of the owner’s functional and aesthetic requirements. This process will help them determine and choose the style and components that fit the customer’s needs. On this project, they had to help their client stay within her budget without compromising aesthetic appeal and functionality.   

Creating a Stylish and Elegant Wine Room Design  

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars offers a free 3-dimensional package to provide clients a better visualization of their completed wine cellar. It also allows the wine collector to make revisions before starting the construction. The drawings include the different elevations of the wine room, racking styles, and bottle capacities.  

On this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars started creating the drawings in January 2012. The wine rack installation was completed after two months. They came up with a wine storage system that could store 1,003 bottles, excluding the space above the racking where wine cases could be stored.  

Starting the Wine Cellar Construction 

Framed Custom Wine Cellar in a San Diego Home

Framed Custom Wine Cellar in a San Diego Home

After the client approved the CAD drawings, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars began the construction process. They chose the corner of the basement where they would install the actual custom wine cellar for a home in San Diego, California. 

Framing and Insulating the Wine Cellar  

Before installing the components, the room was framed. After that, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars sealed the space by insulating the floor, walls, door, and ceiling. 

Why Seal and Insulate the Wine Room?  

Wine Cellar Builders California Renovation Project_Room Before Construction San Diego

Wine Cellar Builders California Renovation Project_Room Before Construction San Diego

Sealing the wine cellar is a standard procedure in building refrigerated wine rooms. It is important to install a vapor barrier to prevent the warm air, coming from the exhaust room, from seeping in through the walls. The absence of a vapor barrier will cause condensation to form.  

When this happens, mold and mildew will grow inside your wine cellar (on the wine racks, in wall cavities, ceiling, wine labels, or cork). For glass doors or windows, the glass panels must be well insulated. The entryway must be equipped with sealing components such as weather stripping and an automatic door bottom.  

Affordable Wine Rack Solution  

Wine Barrel Table Added Character to the Custom Wine Cellar by San Diego Master Builders

Wine Barrel Table Added Character to the Custom Wine Cellar by San Diego Master Builders

With extensive experience and creativity, your chosen wine cellar builder must be able to find a way to stay within your budget. On this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars found an affordable solution for the owner’s wine rack system.

They used a combination of semi-custom and custom wine racks on the left, right, and back walls. Custom features added uniqueness to the wine cellar.

Bottle Configurations and Racking Features 

For added functionality and aesthetic appeal, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars incorporates various racking designs to every design they create. On this project, they installed individual storage racks, a tabletop, stem wine rack, diamond bins, and a high reveal display row. 

The semi-custom wine racks were installed in the left, corner, and back walls. Custom wine racks were placed on the right wall. The owner added a wine barrel table at the center of the room.  

Left and Corner Walls  

Left Wall with Window Custom Wine Cellar San Diego CA

Left Wall with Window Custom Wine Cellar San Diego CA

On the left wall, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars had to deal with a large window that allows for viewing the interior of the cellar from the hall. Below the window are half-height individual wine racks with a tabletop. 

The long tabletop provides a place for decanting and serving wine. It can also be a storage place for a few bottles and other accessories or decorative items. To create a smooth transition from the left wall to the back wall, they used true radius curved corner wine racks, which consist of rack openings for storing bottles individually. The high reveal display row started in the curved corner up to the end racking of the right wall. 

Back Wall 

Custom Wine Cellar Racks by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California

Custom Wine Cellar Racks by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California

In the back wall, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars incorporated more individual racks at the top and bottom sections. A high reveal display row lines the entire racking in this wall. It allows the owner to store the bottles at a 15-degree angle. This bottle orientation will keep the cork moist. Cork that has dried out will shrink and become brittle.  

When this happens, an unwanted amount of oxygen will enter the bottle and mix with the wine, resulting in oxidation. An oxidized wine tastes dull and smells like wet cardboard or burnt marshmallow.  

Right Wall 

The right wall, which consists of a custom rack, is the focal point of this traditional custom wine cellar installed in San Diego, California. It has the same bottle configurations as the back wall, except for the custom rack at the center. The client chose a solid tabletop made from Redwood.  

Above the tabletop is a stemware rack where the client can store her wine glasses upside down. Below the tabletop are lattice style diamond bin storage racks. Using lattice style wine racks was more affordable than utilizing solid wood for the diamond bins.        

The Climate-Control System for Achieving the Optimum Storage Conditions in the Custom Wine Cellar in San Diego, California 

Barolo Style Custom Wine Cellar Door

Barolo Style Custom Wine Cellar Door

A stable environment is required for the graceful aging of wine. Without an efficient wine cellar cooling system, your favorite vintages will go to waste.  

Wine cellars must be designed to maintain temperatures between 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels between 60-70 percent. Failure to achieve these conditions will cause off flavors in the wine.  

On this home renovation project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a self-contained through-the-wall refrigeration system, which was provided by the client. They included a tiny area behind the cellar and used it as a venting room for the heat and noise coming from the wine cooling system.  

Build Your Dream Home Wine Cellar on a Budget 

You want to build your dream custom wine cellar for your home in San Diego, California. However, you are on a tight budget. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars will help you realize that dream of yours without breaking the bank! Contact them today at +1 (949) 355-4376