Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar

Climate-Controlled Wine Cellar

Some people, who collect wine but do not invest in a climate-controlled wine room, are just wasting their time and money. To preserve wine’s true bouquet, you have to store it in an area where the temperatures and humidity levels do not fluctuate. In order to achieve this, your chosen builder must install the correct type of wine refrigeration system to protect your wine collection for many years to come. Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment offers the best wine cellar cooling units

Why Store Wine in a Climate-Controlled Environment

Wine Cellar Equipped with an Efficient Cooling Unit

Wine Cellar Equipped with an Efficient Cooling Unit

When exposed to harmful environmental factors, the quality of your wine will be affected. Wine must be stored in a room equipped with an efficient wine cooling system to keep it safe from heat, UV exposure, vibration, and odor.

To preserve wine’s desirable characteristics, your wine room must be designed and built to achieve optimum storage conditions.

The Right Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment Will Preserve Your Prized Collection for Many Years to Come

Some people may think that storing their wine collection in a place installed with a regular air conditioner will not cause storage problems. Air conditioning units for the home are not designed to achieve the optimum conditions required for the graceful aging of wine.

A refrigerated wine cellar will preserve your collection for many years to come.

An environment that is too hot or too cold will deteriorate wine easily. The ideal temperature for wine storage is 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and the humidity levels must be kept between 60 to 70 percent.

Temperature fluctuations will cause the wine to have an unpleasant flavor and aroma. Varying humidity levels will dry out the cork and let an unwanted amount of air to enter into the bottle. This will result in wine oxidation.

High humidity levels will also cause mold growth on your wine racks and ceiling, damaging the structural integrity of your wine cellar. Mold will also damage the wine labels and the cork.

To keep wine at its best, you must invest in a wine cooling unit manufactured by a reliable manufacturer. At Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment, we care for our client’s wine collection. We make a careful assessment of our client’s needs so we can determine the correct size and capacity of wine cellar cooling unit to install.

We offer a range of reliable and efficient wine cellar cooling systems, for both residential and commercial applications.

Types of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Self-Contained Wine Cooling System

Self-Contained Wine Cooling System

There are many factors to consider when choosing cooling equipment. One of these is the location of your wine cellar. It will help us determine the installation options for your refrigeration unit.

We perform a heat load calculation to ensure that the correct size and capacity of the cooling unit is ideal for your wine room.

The three types of wine cellar cooling units we offer are self-contained (through-the-wall), ducted split, and ductless split systems.

Self-Contained System

One of the important factors to consider when choosing a wine cellar cooling unit is how it is installed. Of all the types of wine refrigeration systems, the self-contained unit is the easiest to install. The equipment is mounted between the studs of your existing wall.

The installation of the self-contained refrigeration system requires an adjacent room that is the same size as your wine cellar. The room will help dissipate heat and fan noise coming from the wine cooling unit. Keep in mind that the exhaust room must be well-ventilated or air-conditioned to keep the temperature below 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It can be a mechanical or furnace room, an area in your basement, or garage. It utilizes two fans to keep your wine cellar in an ideal condition.

Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Ducted Wine Refrigeration System

Ducted Wine Refrigeration System

The capacity of your climate-control system depends on the size of your wine cellar. For small wine cellars, we recommend the ducted split system.

The two components of the equipment (the evaporator and condenser), are placed outside the cellar. This means that the equipment does not occupy space in the wine room. Additionally, no venting or exhaust room is needed.

This option is more expensive than the self-contained cooling system because there is a need for ducting, and you must hire a licensed HVAC technician to do the job.

Ductless Split Wine Refrigeration System

Ductless Split Wine Cooling System

Ductless Split Wine Cooling System

Another wine cooling option that does not require a venting room is the ductless split system. The evaporator is installed inside the cellar while the condenser (the noisier component of the wine cooling unit), is placed outdoors.

Since the evaporator and condenser are connected by copper tubing, the installation of the ductless split system requires ductwork and the service of an HVAC professional.

We Offer Wine Cellar Cooling Units from the Most Trusted Manufacturers

If you want your wine collection to last, you must invest in wine cellar refrigeration equipment from the most reliable manufacturers. We have cooling units from US Cellar Systems, WhisperKOOL, Wine Guardian, CellarPro, and CellarMate.

US Cellar Systems

US Cellar Systems Wine Cooling Unit

US Cellar Systems Wine Cooling Unit

The cooling units from US Cellar Systems are one of the favorite choices in residential and commercial wine cellar constructions. The equipment is ideal for installation in a soffit or irregular-shaped wine rooms.

When it comes to style and installation flexibility, we recommend US Cellar Systems. Their units are available in ducted and ductless types.  All of their cooling products are ETL certified.

Learn more about US Cellar Systems.

WhisperKOOL Wine Cooling Systems

Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit by WhisperKOOL

Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit by WhisperKOOL

For clients who live in areas with extreme temperature changes, we recommend the WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling units. These products are designed to offer a virtually noiseless operation at a great value. All of their refrigeration units are designed for maximum performance and quiet operation.

WhisperKOOL develops new products continuously to provide the best cooling solution for each wine cellar. They also have refrigeration systems for wine cabinets.

Learn more about WhisperKOOL wine cooling systems.

Wine Guardian Cooling Systems

Wine Guardian Refrigeration System

Wine Guardian Refrigeration System

With climate-control systems designed for spaces up to 8,500 cubic feet, Wine Guardian has been widely used in building wine cellars. Their products are less noisy and vibration-free.

This cooling option is also less expensive because of less ductwork. Aesthetics wise, Wine Guardian cooling units are designed with a contemporary appeal.

Learn more about Wine Guardian climate control systems.

Wine Guardian Cooling Unit Installation Project by Master Builders

Wine Guardian Cooling Unit Installation Project by Master Builders

Preserve Your Wine Collection by Choosing the Right Cooling Unit

Investing in a reliable climate-control system will protect your wine collection from damage. Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment is a top-notch provider of high quality and efficient wine cellar cooling units.  Contact us today!