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US Cellar Systems is a trade-only manufacturer of high-quality wine cellar cooling units and refrigeration systems.

They’ve been in business manufacturing cooling units since 2010. They are owned by Dan Phillips and Heather Stamatelatos. Dan has been in the refrigeration industry for over 40-years.

Customizable Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

US Cellar Systems cooling system products are unique in that they are built for high customization. They’re 10 series of cooling units can be customized into over 3000 variations, providing builders the flexibility needed for any type of wine cellar configuration.

SEE Orange County Custom Wine Cabinets Built-In by US Cellar Systems

Partner to Architects

US Cellar Systems is a partner of architects, who very often need advanced wine cellar building advice. Since the design and construction of wine cellars is a unique process, requiring special elements not seen in other refrigerated spaces, having a wine cellar cooling partner can be very advantageous for designers and architects.

Partner to Contractors and Builders

A unique element to US Cellar Systems is their commitment to customer service. Unlike most of their competitors, they only sell wholesale to builders. Because of this fact, they are able to provide more in-depth instruction and guidance to their wine cellar dealer clients, giving them special, expert advice through any and every build.

Special Wholesale and Trade-only Pricing for Wine Cellar Dealers

Because US Cellar Systems only sells to dealers, they are able to offer much more competitive prices to those in the wine cellar trade. They aren’t competing with their own commercial clients. When contractors and architects work with this manufacturer they know that they are getting treated fairly, and given a level of service and attention that many other cooling unit providers are unable to provide.

US Cellar Systems Only Sells Split Wine Cellar Cooling Units

US Cellar Systems is committed to selling higher-grade cooling units that many of their competitors, as their clients are builders, and usually repeat customers. Consequently, they refuse to sell through-the-wall, self-contained wine cellar cooling units. Such systems are so inferior, they don’t feel like they can justify the expense to their customers.

For more on Split Wine Cellar Cooling Units and Refrigeration Systems.

For more information on purchasing a wine cellar cooling unit from US Cellar Systems, we recommend that you call and speak with them and discuss your construction needs.

US Cellar Systems from Long Beach, California

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