Why Choose a Split System Wine Cellar Cooling Unit?

Home Wine Cellar Cooling Project

Home Wine Cellar Cooling Project

Each wine room has unique requirements, including the type of cooling system it needs to preserve the wine’s desirable characteristicsIf you want an efficient and virtually quiet operation, Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment offers split wine cooling systems. Learn more about this wine cooling solution. 

Efficient and Affordable Type of Wine Refrigeration System 

The highest priority of serious wine enthusiasts is to store their collection in a stable environment. An ideal wine cellar environment has constant temperature and humidity. Proper wine storage is the main reason an efficient cooling system is required in every wine room. With different kinds of climate-control systems, it is best to consult an expert to determine the correct type, size, capacity, and brand of cooling unit for your needs.   

At Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment, we offer split refrigeration systems (ductless and ducted) from trusted brands (Wine Guardian, WhisperKOOL, US Cellar Systems, CellarPro, and Cellarmate). 

What is a Split Wine Cellar Cooling System? 

WhisperKOOL Ducted Split System

WhisperKOOL Ducted Split System

A wine refrigeration system has two main components: the evaporator and condenser. Unlike the self-contained system, installing the split system requires separating or splitting these two components.  

The evaporator is installed near or inside the cellar. The condenser, which is the noisy component, can be placed in an area suitable for dissipating heat and noise (e.g., garage, mechanical room). Split system installations require a licensed HVAC technician. 

Benefits of the Split System Wine Cellar Cooling Units 

Ductless Split Wine Cooling System Diagram

Ductless Split Wine Cooling System Diagram

With split refrigeration systems, you can expect a quiet operation in your wine cellar, while providing the best conditions for the proper aging of your wines.  

Additionally, no equipment will be seen in your wine room. Only the air vent grills are visible. Split systems also require little maintenance.    

Ductless Split Wine Cellar Refrigeration System 

If you are planning to build a residential or commercial wine cellar, but have no extra room to exhaust the heat coming from the cooling equipment, the ductless refrigeration system is the ideal choice for you. This type of split system does not require space to accommodate ductwork.  

If you chose a ductless split system for your wine cellar, you might add features that help control the heat and humidity in your wine storage facility. This is an ideal option for small wine rooms. 

Ducted Split Wine Cooling System 

Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling System Diagram

Ducted Split Wine Cellar Cooling System Diagram

In terms of installation, the ducted split system wine cellar cooling unit is more flexible than the ductless system. The evaporator can be installed in the wine room, an attic, a mechanical room, a crawl space, or another location indoors.

The condenser is installed outdoors, in a better area like a patio or garage, for noise and heat venting. An exhaust room is required for this type of installation. 

The system can be placed up to 25 feet away from your wine room, resulting in a quiet and vibration-free operation. It also frees up space in your cellar.  

For fully ducted split systems, the wine refrigeration components are placed in a remote location. They are connected with ductwork that allows the cool air to cross through to the wine room and the warm air to leave the cellar going into another location.  

Are You Looking for an Effective and Stylish Wine Cellar Cooling System? 

Wine Cellar Equipped by an Efficient Cooling System

Wine Cellar Equipped with an Efficient Cooling System

If you want to provide your wine collection the safest storage place, you must work with an expert who understands the importance of installing a reliable wine refrigeration unit.

At Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment, we offer split system wine cellar cooling units. Give us a call today