Striking Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet Built in a Small Space in a Los Angeles Home

Completed Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet Los Angeles

Completed Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet Los Angeles

With the help of an expert, a small area in your home can be converted into a striking wine storage area for your fine collection. In Los Angeles, California, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars was contacted by a client who wanted to transform a space in the dining area into an exquisite custom wine cabinet cellar. Find out how they designed a tiny space to create an elegant wine storage and display area.

Space Challenges in this Custom Wine Cellar Renovation Project in Los Angeles

A wine enthusiast in Los Angeles, California, was having a large home renovation project. Part of it was the conversion of a small area in the dining room into a functional custom wine cellar cabinet.

The room was small. It was 15 feet wide and 9 feet tall. Space constraints did not stop Coastal Custom Wine Cellars from building a wine storage and display area for a small collection. Another challenge in this wine cellar cabinet project was the depth of the room (20 inches), which could make access to bottles difficult. However, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars did their best to solve this problem.

3-Dimensional Drawings for a Small Residential Wine Room

3D Design for a Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet in Los Angeles

3D Design for a Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet in Los Angeles

Making a careful assessment of the client’s needs is a standard procedure in building a wine cellar. The 3-dimensional drawings provide a better visualization of the completed wine room. The images show the different elevations, dimensions of the wine racks, racking styles, and bottle capacities.

The CAD drawings are shown to the owner for approval. This process gives the client the opportunity to change or modify something in the design prior to construction. In this project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars customized the wine room design, so the wine racks would fit perfectly into the tiny space.

Designing Custom Wine Rack Using Combinations of Stylish Bottle Orientations

Custom Wine Rack Design by a Los Angeles Master Builder

Custom Wine Rack Design by a Los Angeles Master Builder

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars combined various racking styles to add character to the custom wine cellar cabinet designed for a home in Los Angeles. The entire racking was installed at the back wall. They used Premium Redwood for the wine racks.

Left and Right Wall Wine Racks

Both the left and right sections have the same bottle configurations. These include label forward horizontal displays for 750ml bottles, open lattice diamond bins, individual wine racks, and a high reveal display row.

The lattice diamond bins allow for better wine organization. The client can store the bottles in each bin according to variety or style. The bottles can be stored on top of each other. Unlike solid X bins, using lattice wood allows for proper air circulation around the bottles. The high reveal display rows were intended for storing 750ml bottles at an angle. This style of bottle configuration highlights some of the client’s favorite wines. Additionally, it also helps prevent spoilage of the wine. Storing the bottles at a 15-degree angle will keep the cork moist because it is in contact with the wine. Doing so will keep the cork’s elastic properties.

When the cork dries out, it will lose its elasticity and become brittle. You do not want this to happen because an unwanted amount of oxygen will mix with the wine and damage its desirable characteristics.
Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed an LED lighting system to illuminate the high reveal display rows.

Center Wine Racks

High Reveal Display Row Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet Project in Los Angeles

High Reveal Display Row Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet Project in Los Angeles

The center of the racking consists of horizontal display rows for 1.5-liter and 3-liter bottles, and three levels of wood case storage. Wood case bins are ideal for storing wines in bulk. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars concealed the evaporator behind an operable grill cover just above the horizontal display rack at the center of the racking.

Cooling the Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet and the Client’s Collection

A stable environment is a requirement in the proper preservation of the wine before it is ready for consumption. You cannot just use a regular home air conditioner because it is not designed to achieve the optimum environment needed for the wine to reach its maturation.

Wine is delicate. Thus, it is ideal to store it in a wine room equipped with an efficient climate-control system. Hiring a wine cellar cooling expert like Coastal Custom Wine Cellars will ensure that your prized collection will be safe for many years to come.

High-Grade Wine Cooling System Provided by a Trusted Manufacturer

Louvered Grill Cover to hide Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Louvered Grill Cover to hide Split Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

In this custom wine cellar cabinet project in Los Angeles, they utilized a ductless split wine cooling system by Arctic Metalworks. This type of refrigeration system is known for its versatility and efficiency. A split cooling system allows the evaporator and the condenser to be placed in a separate location, resulting in a quiet operation.
The Coastal team installed the condenser (the noisier component) in the garage, and the evaporator was placed inside the wine room. To make the equipment look as if it was part of the racking, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars hid it behind a custom louvered grill cover.

The Ideal Wine Cellar Door Style to Allow for Easy Access of Bottles to the Left and Right

Wine Cellar Door Barolo Style

Barolo Style Custom Wine Cellar Cabinet Door

Since the room was 20 inches deep and the wine racks constructed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars were 13 ½ inches deep, the only clearance left to access the bottles was 6 ½ inches.
To solve the problem, Coastal used two sets of Barolo-style wine cellar doors with wooden frame and dual pane glass at the center. We equipped the doors with Q-Ion weather stripping and automatic door bottoms.

They applied the wooden frame with a Chestnut finish for a richer look. A fixed glass window was added at the center of the left and right doors. To access the bottles stored in the wine rack behind the fixed window, Coastal incorporated label forward displays for 3-liter bottles and wood case openings.

Have a Small Space that You Want to Turn Into an Elegant Wine Cellar Cabinet?

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